Cathran Maansiir

Half-Elf Oracle of Shelyn


“Woe and ruin await thee when all elements align, Fey of Olde will overpower all…” Krishna whispered into my ear as I drifted to sleep. Today has been so long and tiring that even sleeping on the ground feels good. At least now I can rest my eyes and think about how things ended this way. Did things have to? My only answers were the ghastly “…Yes…” from Krishna and the never ending silence that surrounded my existence in my mother’s household.
“Tell me your story again Cat… it will help put you to sleep.”
“But you know it already; it’s your story too.”
“Yes, but we can’t prosper if you aren’t healthy.”
After that there wasn’t much I could do to rebut that, so I conceded and decided to tell my story to my usual audience of my stories, Krishna, myself, and the cold darkness that was my empty room.

Normally people start stories of their life with their birth, or a happy memory of their childhood, or even how their parents got together. For bastard children like me however we tend to skip over those unhappy details and start with our childhood.

“Tell the whole story Cat…” Krishna demanded.
“Dammit Kris! This is my story and I’m going to tell it the way I want to!”
In response to that, I received a pain in my head that felt as if my head was about to split open. “Fine! You win, you win. You damnable fiend…”

Sorry about that, my story starts with my mother being away for business in the southern
reaches of the continent. While there she went to her usual tavern to celebrate a successful business venture, or at least successful by what I was told. While there a southern merchant lord saw fit to approach her during her celebratory drinking time and proceeded to woo her. Maybe he was too well disguised for her to tell, maybe she was too drunk to care, I don’t know, but in the end my mother, the great Yllastrana Maansiir, ended up in bed with a human. The next morning my mother had the human flogged and thrown in jail for something that by all accounts seems like she wanted to have happen.
Nine months later my mother begrudgingly conceived her only children, and bastards at that, Krishna and I through a single body. While I was still a child…

“Wait a second. Aren’t you glossing over some details here?” Krishna said with just a hint of disgust. “No, not that I can think of… OW, OW, OWWWW! Come on Kris, you didn’t have to do it that hard. Fine then, where was I?”

I guess that explaining who Krishna is exactly would be the logical first approach to telling this story, because things will get a bit strange if I don’t. Krishna is the spiritual embodiment of one of my ancestors. I’m not sure which parent’s lineage he belongs to, but Krishna’s been with me my whole life. When I was still learning how to sound words as a toddler, Krishna was too hard for me to pronounce, so he became Kris to me and me alone. I guess you could say that Kris possesses me, but that wouldn’t be entirely accurate. He just lives inside of my being almost as part of my consciousness, but I talk to him just the same as I would someone standing next to me. And since he helped me learn to talk at a
very young age, I have been talking with Kris for almost as long as I’ve been in this world. Since mother never would let me out of the magistrate’s manse, I always played in the central garden with Kris. Tag and Hide and Seek never really worked too well (he would always get me and I could never get him), but playing on the trees and playing with the small animals in the garden suited us better in the end. Kris is my best friend in the whole world.

“Is that better?” I asked.
“I guess. Though you left out the part of me being benevolent, caring, and a genius.”
“I only left out the lies you scoundrel, hehe.”

Anyway, back to my story. To protect her image, mother modified my ears to appear more elven than human to maintain her high elven pride amongst the people. She even went as far as to have a personal tutor come to the manse to give me private lessons, and the tutor could not speak a word of why he was needed under threat of death and treason. She never talked to me much, nor did she pay too much attention to me. The servants of the household were my parents. As long as they were in my life and my brother was with me, all was well.
When I reached the age of 20 my life changed drastically for two reasons; my ‘adventures’ into the town at night and my dream. After 20 years of doing the same things day after day, I got a wild idea in my head.

“Oh, just one?”
“Shut up Kris.”

I decided that I would finally go see the city that mother had been placed in charge of. Since I could only leave at night, I wore whatever dark clothing I could find and very carefully made my way out of my window, over the roof, and down the support columns. Once my feet were firmly on the ground outside the walls, I took a deep breath and took my first look at the city that had been denied to me for 20 long years. It was a beautiful sight to behold! Lights twinkled across the ground levels, showing the streets like dotted pathways to those up above. It was such a marvelous sight that I almost forgot the reason that I wanted to get out of the house.

“That happens a lot to you, doesn’t it Cat?”
“I’m not sure what you’re talking about. I’ll have you know that I am quite focused on what I
want to accomplish.”
“Huh? Sorry Kris, but there is just something odd about this area of the floor.”
“By the Domains, stop proving me right and continue with your story!”

Okay, okay, now where was I… ah yes my first adventure into my forbidden home town. I didn’t want to take my chances with the guards by the elevator. I couldn’t recognize the guards, though that’s not saying too much. The only people I ever talked with were the servants of the manse and sometimes I think that they were told to talk to me, but that’s another story for another day. So instead of taking the quicker elevator to the lower levels I opted to take the stairway leading down, and very quickly hated the fact that I could only go out at night. That stairway went on for what seemed like forever! Compared to the stairways in the manse this was infinitely longer and so much more tiring. After what could only be an eternity of steps, I finally made it to the lights that amazed me from the manse’s level.
p. Being surrounded by all of the lights and watching people stroll about enjoying themselves it all seemed to be like something from the books in the reading room. How could such a romantic location have been barred from me for so long?
p. “Why don’t you go look around town instead of standing there gawking at everybody?” Kris questioned.
p. “I just don’t know where to go first. There’s just so much going on here.”
p. As I stood there wondering about what to do, a wonderful aroma caught my attention, and so I decided to follow this amazing scent and find out what was generating it. The magnificent aroma came from a food vendor that looked quite portly for an elf. All of the elves that I had seen so far in life looked tall and slender with a proud look across their face. This vendor looked a little ‘chubby in the belly’ so to say. I thought that he looked rather funny so of course I snickered a bit to myself, but unfortunately it wasn’t only to myself as the vendor heard it clearly.
p. “Did I do something funny, milady? Or by some chance is it something else?” he questioned sternly.
p. “Ummm…”, not wanting to upset the man I wasn’t sure of what to say in this situation so I said the first thing that popped in my head, “No sir, in fact I was just laughing at what my brother just told me.”
p. “Really now? And where would your brother be, mind you?”
p. “Well he is right here. Can’t you tell?” I answered motioning to the empty space next to me.
p. Immediately I tried to think of something to say to cover for it but nothing came to mind. The vendor looked at the space I motioned to and then back to me. After a brief moment of silence, he burst out into laughing.
p. “Ummm… Sir?”
p. “Wahaha! By the Domains milady, you are the jokester aren’t you? If you’re going to lie to me at the very least make it believable.”
p. “I’m sorry sir. My intent wasn’t to harm, I just feared the reaction to the real reason is all.”
p. “And what would the real reason be then?” he asked as he grabbed my wrist.
p. “Your shape…” I whispered.
p. “I’m sorry? Couldn’t understand what you said. Could you repeat that please?”
p. “Your shape.” I said louder this time, “This is the first time I have seen an elf with your shape. And I thought that it was a little funny. Please forgive me sir, it won’t happen again. I’ll do anything!”
p. Now that I think about it, I still don’t know why my mind went to that statement. Maybe it was all the times that I had heard it said at the manse towards my mother from the people who owed her money. Or maybe I had read something similar in a book once. I can’t remember the real reason but that was what came out of my mouth at the time. The vendor scratched at his chin contemplating his options and after some time he released my wrist and said this to me.
p. “While I can’t deny that I have an odd shape for an elf, it’s still not right to laugh at other
people’s misfortunes, for you never know if something you laughed at will affect you too. Now, where do you live? It’s high time to return someone so young to their home.”
p. “I live up the elevator.” I said sheepishly.
p. "Wahaha!” he burst into laughter, “Please be serious with me. The only family that lives up
there are the Maansiirs. Not even their servants live up there. Now tell the truth, where do you live?”
p. “I’m telling you the truth, sir. My mother is Yllastrana Maansiir, and my name is Cathran
p. “Now you need to stop this lying, girl.” His voice deepened in rage. “The first time has been forgiven, but now you are pushing the issue a bit much. The guard shall make you tell the truth of your residency and you shall be punished for your transgression.”
p. He grabbed my wrist again and pulled me behind him to the closest group of guards.
p. “GUARD! GUARD! We have a troublemaker here that needs discipline!”
p. The group of guards turned slowly to see the vendor pulling me towards them, at first saying nothing, only walking towards us. Once they were close enough, the lead guard held his torch high above him in an attempt to see just who was causing the commotion.
p. “Leonidas, what is it now?”
p. “Kind sir, I have a troublemaker that needs to be punished by her household for telling lies.”
p. “And what lies are she guilty of?” one of the guards in the back asked abruptly.
p. “She lies that her household is one and the same of our great Yllastrana!”
p. “Oh how I wish I was part of that household.” another guard said.
p. “Hold your tongue Barabbas. Now, Leonidas,” the lead guard said turning the torch and his
attention back to us, “let me see your ‘culprit’.”
p. He held the torch towards us to get a better view of my face, and froze in shock almost dropping the torch.
p. “Milady Maansiir! How is it that you are out of the manse!?” he said bowing his head in
admiration. “Leonidas! Unhand the magistrate’s daughter at once!”
p. I’m not sure whose reaction was better, the guards trying to pay homage to my family’s name or the vendor finally realizing that I was telling the truth and apologizing for manhandling me. My first night out ended with me being escorted back to the manse and eventually to my room. I fell asleep soon after I was back in my room.
p. The next morning I didn’t say much of anything to anyone, Kris included. My magical night had not only been interrupted but also cut entirely too short. Depressed and downtrodden, I sat alone eating my breakfast across the table from mother.
p. “So I hear that you went on an adventure last night? Decided to explore around town?” came a voice that I hadn’t heard in almost 19 years.
p. Sitting there dumbfounded, I wasn’t sure whether to answer the question or be ecstatic.
p. “I asked a question, and now I demand an answer Cathran.”
p. “Yes ma’am, sorry about that. You heard right mother, I wanted to see the city that hear about from the merchants so often.”
p. “Hmmm, so you consider yourself an adult then? I guess you are about that age for your kind. I suppose that it’s time to stop treating you as a child. From here on you will be allowed to venture into the city’s different levels, with escort of course, provided you do your share of work around the manse.
p. When I was first an adult, my grandfather made me start working in his shops. Since I have all the help I need and more for my shops you will help out the priests in the cathedral on the upper level. You will do whatever is asked of you without complication and precisely as it is asked. Do I make myself clear?”
p. “Yes ma’am! Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!” I exclaimed.
p. “Now, you will continue to act as a pure blood elf so as to protect the family’s pride. This
includes not only your attitude and ideals, but also your disease. So to make sure of this you will still be tutored like before until stated otherwise.” stated mother rather calmly.
p. “Oh,” I said deflated, “yes ma’am.”
p. “You may excuse yourself now; I have a business meeting to prepare for. We will talk more at a later time.”

Walking back to my room at that time was like winning the battle but still being on the losing
side of a long war. I was now able to go into town whenever I wanted, and mother even talked to me!
p. But I was nothing more than blight on her precious family pride that couldn’t be washed out; a constant, walking, living reminder of the dishonor to the family name.
p. “This is why I wanted to skip this part! I just wanted to start on a happy note, but ‘NO~O’ Domains
p. “You know, you can be really depressing when you want to be.”
“I would have gotten to it, eventually. If someone asked about it…”
p. So with my newfound ‘freedom’ attained my days began looking a bit brighter when I woke up in the mornings.

  • -Years Later-*
    “Exactly, but never you mind that. Now, who exactly is going with you tomorrow? Bastard or not it’s uncalled for to send someone so young by herself.”“Well from what I can gather, mother is sending a prisoner and Trasque with me.Wulf said that he wanted to go with me as well, but my family has forbid it due to his lack of graduation from the university. I do wish that he would come with us, at least then I would have another person to talk with.” I explained.
    “Rrriight. That’s the only reason you want him there?”
    “Well yeah, what other reason could there be?”
    “Hmmm? Oh I wasn’t implying that there was another reason. I just wanted to check with you is all. How long ago did you meet him? I forget.”
    “We first met when we were both young children around the age of 12. You don’t remember this?”
    “Shockingly no. I didn’t have the amount of power then as I do now. There has been a lot of work done to get my power to where it is now. I can do a lot more now than I could then, you’re in the same boat as me.”
    “Guess I didn’t think about it like that. Well why don’t I tell the story of our meeting and time together. Maybe this will help you remember meeting him.”
    “Sounds good I guess. But why didn’t you mention him earlier if he means so much to you?”
    “Do you want to hear the story, or not?”
    “Sorry, sorry, continue please.”

Cathran Maansiir

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