Brandon Hana

Human Cleric of Gorum


Age 24
Height 5”10 and ½
Weight 275lbs
Weilds a Greatsword and wears Black metal armor with spikes


After his epic battle Killing the God Kord, Brandis laid down with Olohanna for one last time he had reached his goal he then died in his sleep. Olohanna then went to find all of Brandis’ bastard children and took them back to the grove. However they were not welcomed long Brandis’ blood ran like fire through his children and where constantly fighting peeing on things and other mischief. Olohanna decided to take them to the other continent and make her own grove she became one with another tree but it was in vain because the children did not stay long. One of the children was Mary Forest, Mary took the name Mary Hana and started working at a brothel in the capitol and was chosen by the clergy of Gorum to bare children for the temple. Brandon was born and Brandis’ fiery blood was still strong with him. He became top child and chosen to be taught the ways of Gorum and he was great fighting every day and living the ways of Grorum. Once again there was another coe and the new leader approve of the Gorumites defiling the temple of Kord. Brandon made his way to the other continent. He met up with Charles and joined the guard of the Maansiir family however he was dismissed by Charles for abuse of power. Brandon now spends most of his days trying to show the power of his deity in tavern fights, but is not satisfied and is looking for a Great Challenge that he can show the dominance of Gorum.

Brandon Hana

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