The Prophecy of the 5, A Pathfinder Campaign

Cleansing the Calon Carreeg

Traque answered the summons of Yellestrana to aid in assisting Cathran cleanse the hearts stone. Otat has arrived and been given the order
to assist and protect Cat and Traque. Erwulf walks in and says that he will go with, at once he is promptly is told that he is not going on
no uncertain terms is he to attempt to go with Cat. Later that evening they meet up. Otat then calls to the guards and delivers out orders to his guards
keep the city in running order. While this is happening he is waiting for Erwulf to sneak out. After he believes that Erwulf has escaped he calls to the
guards to get back to work. While they are walking they argue about weather they are going to take the gondola down or walk down the stairs. Otat wins by
dragging Cat down the stairs. As they did make it down to the dwarven tier Wulf joins them as they decide to go talk to Jim Renwick. As he open the door
he asks them if they are ones looking into the tunnels. As they answer yes Jim throws the key at them and slams the door. Cat then demands that they thank him. so Otat knocks see on the door and thanks Jim. Thy then walk to the door, open it and then lock it behind them. They walk for a while and come to an
rather ornate door. And they hear a knocking at it, Otat then decides to knock Morse code at the door. While he is doing that Trasque also tries to pick the
lock. As he does Cat asks starts arguing with herself about someone not helping her and then the door opens. Inside they see an ornate room to it leads to a
hallway and to the left is what appears to be a guard room. Trasque notices a hidden ladder and pushes a chest aside to show a ladder. They all decide to
head down the stairs. There they see an armory and see a closed door, Otat knocks on the door, no one answers, when he opens the door it appears to be a
training room. As they get to the next door Otet knows again and this time someone knocks back. Otat opens the door, hears knocking again and promptly closes then
the door. Cat walks up and says, “let me try”, she then knocks, and then opens the door. In the room they see what appears to be skeletons lying on bunk
beds. Otat then knocks an apology and tries to back out the door. As he does, the skeleton nearest to him sits up and readies an attack. After the fight,
Otat knocks on the next door that he sees out of the barracks room. They travel down a small hallway and see an temple. Cat notices it and knows that it
is a temple to Torag, Otat is told, i knocks, to be respectful and peaceful, Wulf sees a jewel encrusted goblet, Semairia manifests herself off of
Wulf and tries to eat the gems on the goblet. Meanwhile, Cat says a prayer to Torag and the sharpens her weapon. They open a door into the next room. Otet
immediately then closes the door and is adamant that no one opens the door. Cat turns and hides in the corner aware from the room. Wulf thinks that they need
to investigate the room. Otat tries to convince Wulf not to go into the crypts. He grabs Wulf and they argue about weather about Wulf can or should go into
the room. Trasque walks into the room, looks around and at the crypt sees nothin of import and walks out closing teh door. Wulf dazes Otat and then walks into
the room anyway. Otat then closes the door, places the pew against the door and then tells Cat to leave. Cat refuses to leave without Wulf. At this Otat
opens the door, throws a torch toward Wulf. Wulf puts out the fire but then Otat charges Wulf and drags him out of the room. Wulf slips away but Otat grabs
him again and then knocks Wulf out. The knocks tell Otat that he has defiled the temple by shedding blood. Cat demands that Otat bring Wulf over to her. As
she heals him and Wulf throws a spell at. Cat then casts ghost sound to amplify he voice and get the others to quiet down and demand that they stop fighting.
Cat convinces the rest of the party to show worship to Torag by disrupting the deities. Wulf storms off to cool off. Kris informs Cat that there is more to
this room. While searching the alter Cat finds a button on the side which opens a door. After traveling down a short hallway they discover a vault room that
has several items for the parties use. Upon inspecting the alter again there is a lantern slot that seems to slide down and open another passage way. The corridor
seems twist and winding, there is an armor laying in the path. Otat knocks on the wall and asks if the knock is the armor. The knock knocks back and answers
that its name is Duri. Otet introduces himself and asks if he may pass. Duri then answers that which you seek lies beyond. As Cat goes to step over it the
leather armor it reaches up and attacks her as she passes. After beating the armor they walk into a room with a stone dragon covering the door. He states a
riddle. After being blasted with an acid cloud they discover the correct answer and the door opens. Inside the room they see 9 statues circling the room after
they solve the riddle to expose the Heart Stone. When they do they see that it is clouded with a necromantic cloud that s corrupting it. When Cat tries to
cleanse it the rune guardians next to it awaken and Otat promptly smashes both of the rune guardians in protection of the stone. The place the protection
back over the stone and return to the topside.

When they return topside they go to the healer Amaria Shadowfoot. They awake the next morning and Cat states that she had a nightmare that usually, with
oracles it is a vision of what will be or has happened. This vision told her the whole prophecy and then saw the rising of Zon-Kuthon, Cat then states
that her goddess and morals has charged her with stopping this prophecy from happening. Cat also states that he mother does not believe her and last time was
grounded for making stuff up and being silly. Wulf, naturally, agrees to go with Cat and aid her when ever it leads. Trasque states that he plans on praying to
his god for guidance and will respond the next day.

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